Forensic Engineering

ART's experts have excellent record in providing forensic engineering in the areas of accident investigation, collision reconstruction, highway safety, traffic and automotive engineering and structural analysis. Our consulting services are provided to law firms, insurance companies, police, as well as federal and state government agencies, using state-of-the-art technology for investigation, analysis and expert testimony. Our experts are available to assist with cases regarding: accident investigation, collision reconstruction, biomechanical; crashworthiness; trucking and tractor-trailers; product liability; electrical, mechanical, civil and structural engineering; slip, trip and fall; premise liability; and other areas. For more cases, analyses and other details, view ART Areas of Expertise. We carefully consider our clients' requests and tailor each case accordingly, providing the best and most timely service possible. ART is dedicated to the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Areas of Expertise


Accident Investigation /
Collision Reconstruction

ART experts provide forensic engineering consultants with over 20 years of experience in accident / collision investigation and reconstruction; highway safety; and automotive / vehicular engineering, including expert testimony. From data collection and documentation, through investigation, analysis and expert testimony, our forensic engineers utilize state-of-the-art technology including 3-D computer animation engineering and modeling; latest engineering techniques and most recent published research; as well as computerized collision reconstruction and simulation programs.


Structural Design and Analysis

Structural and civil engineers to investigate building, bridge and overpass structural integrity, Failures Analysis, Sequence of Events, Foundation and roof failures, Load and Bearing Calculations, Static and Dynamic Load Analysis, Materials Analysis and Inspection, Building Code Compliance, Erosion and sediment control and Soils analysis.


Biomechanical and Human Factors

Engineering analysis of human motion, perception and reaction, night-time visibility, as well as the evaluation of injuries related to vehicular/pedestrian accidents, machine guarding and falling objects, industrial, sports and recreational accidents.


Slip, Trip and fall

Investigation, evaluation and analysis of cases involving falls, standards, building code compliance, slip-resistance, ice and snow removal, lighting, architecture, construction site safety, OSHA, pedestrian walkways, among other areas of safety and design.

Computer Modeling and Accident Simulation & Animation

Within the last 20 years, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), generally referred to as "Computer Simulations", provided advanced engineering support for many accident-related cases. FEA can provide a very thorough analysis and deep understanding of the overall accident as well as the performance of each component involved in the accident. For any collision, FEA can precisely calculate and/or predict crucial engineering information in two areas:

  1. Kinematics of the investigated accident (i.e. absolute and relative motion, velocity and acceleration of the different parts involved in the accident), and
  2. Structural analysis (i.e. deformation, stresses, strains, failures, energy absorbed, etc.) of any part involved in the accident (vehicle, guardrail, post, pipeline, barrier, etc.).
FEA will provide major compelling engineering evidence to unfold the mystery of any crash-related case. It will provide a better understanding of the accident overall as well as which factors contributed most to the severity of the accident.

ART Superior Expertise

Our firm is a world leader in conducting advanced computer simulations to solve any complicated structural dynamics problem. Our renowned experts have more than 25 years of unmatched expertise in this field and have successfully conducted numerous projects for many government agencies, private industry, and engineering and law firms.
Our superior computer simulations are guaranteed to provide you with the technical knowledge necessary to pursue and win complex lawsuits in the following areas:

  1. Automobile, Truck, Boat and Motorcycle Crashes
  2. Airbag and Seatbelt Fatalities/Injuries
  3. All Structural Analysis Cases involving Accidents or Blasts
  4. Slip and Fall Cases
  5. Occupant Biomechanics Analysis
  6. Stress, Strain, and Failure Analyses for all Structural Components
  7. Fuel Tanks, Pipelines and Pressure Vessel Analysis
  8. Vehicle Dynamics
  9. Mechanical, Structural, and Physical Testing
In all cases we analyzed, our FEA provided more comprehensive understanding and major compelling evidences to solve or settle the case in our client's favor.
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