Within the last two decades, ART experts have conducted extensive Design and Finite Element Analysis of many successful projects in the area of physical security and transportation safety. Some of the recently accomplished projects are:

Rapid-deployed Barrier at M50 Impact (HESCO Product)

Our FEA/Computer Simulations compared very well with the actual test, as seen above.

Superior K12 Shallow-Foundation Bollard (OTW, Inc. & ART, LLC)

Our experts designed this superior K12 Bollard system with only 18" foundation. Our state-of-the-art FEA was used extensively to improve and validate the design. The computer simulation correlated very well with the actual test as shown in the movies above. Our New K12 Shallow-Foundation Bollard provides superior advantage over any competitor one.
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  • Superb behavior in the actual test. Stopped the Truck with zero cargo penetration and less than 4.50 Bollard deformations.
  • DOS Certified for K12 test conditions, L3 level, the most severe DOS test.
  • The First Bollard in the US that sustains both Head-on and Oblique Impacts as proven by our advanced Computer Simulations (See FEA movie )
  • The foundation is only 18-inch and could be reduced per demand.
  • Works with concrete as low as 3000 psi, i.e. almost independent of the concrete condition.
  • Made completely of standard off-the-shelf steel structure components.
  • Very easy to install since all components are connected by Bolts & Nuts.
  • Minimal weld required (less than 5 minutes per bollard).
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Could be installed completely on-site in few hours, while the Bollard system should be completely functional in few days.

RSA Anti-Ram Structural Wall (RSA, LLC and DOE)

In this project, a new design has been made for a structural wall in order to stop a 65,000 Ib Truck in 50 mph Impact. An accurate and reliable FE model has been created together with a Truck model and several computer simulation were conducted. Based on the simulation results, the initial design of the wall has been modified. The simulation results of the final design correlated very well with the results of the actual test conducted at TTI as shown in the movies.

Validation of Anti-Ram Super Fence using FE Simulation

The FE simulation accurately predicted the behavior of Anti-Ram Super Fence as shown in the movies

K4 Artistic Bollard (Victor Stanley, Inc.)

The FE Simulation results of the K4 Artistic Bollard correlated very well with the actual test results.

K4 Security Gate Design and Analysis (RSSI, Inc.)

The FE Simulation used to improve the design and verify the performance of K4 Security Gate.

K12 Wedge Barrier Analysis (RSSI, Inc.)

The FE Simulation used to verify the performance of K12 Wedge Barrier.

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